Our goals

Production unitDescription of the work.

The project is divided into 2 tracks, a Broadcast and a Security & Surveillance Track. Although targeting different application domains, both tracks are based on the same 6 technology domains. These tracks have many requirements in common and the underlying technologies are very similar. The following work will be carried out in these technology domains:

  • Silicon Development: a total of three (3) different CMOS sensor prototypes and H.265 silicon will be developed.
  • Advance Video Compression: An H265 IP will be developed.
  • Network Virtualization: Protocols will be developed to guarantee Quality of Service for video over IP in time critical applications.
  • Design Methodology: Methodology will be developed, and a feasibility analysis will be carried out for a OpenCL based design flow for FPGAs.
  • Network Synchronization: synchronization mechanisms will be defined and implemented to synchronize several remote studios over the public Internet.
  • Heterogeneous Computing: architectures consisting of FPGAs, CPUs, and GPUs will be explored.

For each technology domain the partners will optimize the synergy between the two tracks.

Expected results and demonstrators.

The most important technological breakthroughs that BASTION will provide are:

  • Virtual Network technology to provide Quality of Service for video streams over Ethernet network.
  • CMOS imaging sensors with High Dynamic Range, ultra low noise and combining visible UV and near infra red light. Ultra low latency H.265 video codec.
  • Unified design methodology for hardware and software

Next to the three different CMOS image sensors and H265 compression silicon, the project will validate all the results with incremental demonstrators for both Broadcast and Security & Surveillance. The project will conclude by showing 2 demonstrators:

  • One Broadcast demonstrator consisting of several studios connected through the public Internet, containing Ultra High Definition cameras, low-latency high-quality H265 video compression, and layers to manage the network and to do accurate time synchronization according to the Broadcast requirements.
  • One Surveillance and Security demonstrator consisting of High Dynamic Range sensors in visible, near Infra Red and UV wavelengths, at least quad HD cameras, compressed video over IP transport, and Quality of Service protocols for video over IP. 

If technically feasible, a joint demonstrator will be shown, combining the BASTION results in both the Broadcast and the Surveillance and Security tracks.