Project contact information

Mark Verhoeven

Project Manager BASTION

Operations Manager/Strategic Purchaser

Axon Digital Design B.V.

Exploitation Plan

Expected activities comprise feasibility studies on future product creation or licensing from the technology developed in BASTION. Posibilities for spin-offs companies will be investigated. This implies concerted action within the individual commercial companies as well as a joint action plan by all the project participants. This will result in the early adoption into their prototypes and product concepts. In this way the exploitation of the project results will be assisted.

The BASTION consortium will develop and implement a business strategy for the exploitation of the technologies developed. The manufacturers within the consortium (Adimec, Altera, Axon, Caeleste, e2v, Grass Valley and Sagem) all have proven profitable track records and already manufacture,  market and sell today's state of the art image capture products and related systems. The research partner (Armines) will further strengthen their role as leading educational and research centre for the technologies which are part in this project. Results will also be published in scientific journals, workshops and conferences.