Broadcast And Surveillance Technologies Over Networks

The main objective of the BASTION project is to research and develop new applications for the Broadcast Market, and for the Security and Surveillance Markets. Both applications will be built on top of the Internet Protocol network, which will allow distributing the applications over several physical sites. The cameras will be located on one or more sites, and the monitoring/control room will be on a separate site. The main benefit of this distribution is that it will enable

  • increasing the efficiency for producing live Broadcast content by a factor of 2-3, by sending only camera personnel to remote sites, and having the main production team in the home studio to do several programs in a single day.
  • integrating high-quality and high-resolution (HD and higher) image sensors in a networked infrastructure to detect, recognize and identify Surveillance and Security issues when observing long distance or large-scale events.

To achieve this objective, innovations will be required in 7 technology domains. These innovations will be achieved by close cooperation of the whole consortium. Two demonstrators, to which all partners will contribute, will be presented at the end of the project as proof of concept. Intermediate and incremental demonstrators will be tested in order to reduce the risk in the project.

The BASTION project is based on an excellent consortium, divided over 4 countries (B, F, NL and UK), containing 4 SMEs (Axon, Adimec, Grass Valley and Caeleste), 1 research institute (Armines), 3 semiconductor companies (Altera, Caeleste and e2v) and 1 end user (Sagem). The prime partner Axon is an SME.


date: 28-01-2017

Consortium reviews

There are review meetings scheduled by ECSEL. During each review meeting the consortium has to present the current status of the project's mile stones in comparison with the planning.

  • The first year review meeting took place on the 8th and 9th of June 2015 in Brussels, Belgium
  • The second year review meeting took place on the 8th of June 2016, hosted by Axon in Gilze, The Netherlands
  • The final review meeting is scheduled on the 31st of May 2017
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date: 21-03-2017


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